Community Event: Shopping for Fresh Foods at Target


Mom it Forward had the opportunity to attend an amazing event put on by Target! Who doesn't love Target? At the event, I was able to dine on their new food selection that will be offered in Targets coming soon! I was also able to meet and talk with Target's mommy ambassador Soleil Moon Frye. She is a mother of two and loves that Target is now offering a fresh food selection that her kids will enjoy!

After conducting some research, Target realized that people are becoming more aware of the need for fresh food in their diets and Target wants to provide some added convenience to their shopping experience. They have always tried to be a one-stop-shop, but now their new and re-designed stores will allow to take that even further.

Target has taken this on strong and now has nearly 1,000 stores with this new expanded food layout. Within these stores, they have dedicated 10,000 square feet to fresh foods that will make shopping for dinner a little easier. This even includes pre-packaged baked goods and dry and frozen offerings. They want guests to feel like they are in an open market when they walk in the door, adding bright colors and lots of space to the layout. Some of the exclusive brands they are offering include: Archer Farms, Market Pantry, and Sutton and Dodge.

Archer farm is including some great ideas for kid-friendly meals and have also added some recipes for those busy moms. Their line includes over 1,600 products that are high quality but at a very reasonable price. Yes!

Market Pantry is offering products that are 10 to 30 percent lower in cost than most national products at their equivalent. How great is this for families across the nation?

Sutton and Dodge is offering full quality beef that is found in most high quality restaurants, but for a fraction of the cost.

I'm so thrilled that I can now get all my shopping done at one place and count on a variety of good quality foods. With two little kids at home, the last thing I want to do is run around from store to store trying to get my shopping done. I'm looking for good foods that I can feed my family and not have to worry about my budget. Oh how I love me some Target!

Where do you do most of your shopping? Do you have to go to several different stores to get everything on your list?

I’ve been living in New York City for the past five years where I’ve become a wife, mother of two, and an owner/operator of an up and coming eyelash extension business. Before my life in NYC, I was working as a professional makeup artist, working in the fashion, television, and film industry. Being a mother of two in the city has its challenges but I’ve grown to absolutely love city life and what it has to offer. We’ve been having a blast exploring the city and finding some fun things to do with kids.

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