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I LOVE Halloween, and I LOVE crafts! With that in mind, I'm sure you'd guess that I LOVE Halloween crafts, too. They are way too fun!!

Recently, I was able to receive a craft kit from Crafty Wood Cutouts of a Happy Halloween Banner. They sent me all the supplies, which made things so nice and easy on my part. All I had to was put it together. This is how it turned out:

How to Make a Happy Halloween Banner


Happy Halloween Banner Kit from Crafty Wood Cutouts, which includes:

  • 14 Wood Triangles
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Foam Paintbrushes
  • Embellishments (spider webs and spiders)
  • Sand Paper
  • Ribbon/Tulle to hang
Mod Podge (not included)
Paint (not included)


1. Begin by painting the edges and sides of your triangles if desired. You may want the wood showing on the sides. If not, you can paint yours. I painted mine black. Let dry.

2. Once your paint is dry, you will flip your triangles over and trace them onto the BACK of your scrapbook paper. You don't want to see lines on your paper if you don't have to. 🙂 Then cut them out using a paper cutter.

3. Bring your paper up to your wooden triangle and punch a hole through the back so you know where to hole punch. Make sure your paper is on the right way, so you're poking the holes in the right spot (since the holes aren't the same on the tops of the triangles).

4. Mod Podge your paper onto your triangles. Let dry. Sand edges if desired.

5. Now you will add vinyl to your triangles. Be sure to rub each letter first to make sure it sticks to your adhesive well. Peel off and add to your triangle. Do this for the remaining triangles.

6. Now you need to add your ribbon or tulle and string together.

Hang and enjoy!!

Now you have a super cute Halloween Banner.

And what's even more perfect is that it's the same amount of letters if you wanted to do "MERRY CHRISTMAS" on the back side! PERFECT!!

Do you like cute or scary Halloween decorations?

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