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When kids enter preschool and elementary school, it's time for teacher gifts.  And if you have more than one kid...that could add up to lots of gifts!  I wanted to think of something a little unique, yet still functional.  And something that wouldn't break the bank.  Then I thought, wouldn't it be cute if I could package the gift in something functional?  What's more functional than a mug?!

DIY Holiday Teacher Gifts

I've been itching to try these idea of dipping items into nail polish to create a unique design.  So I thought we'd try it with mugs.  I love this project because I scooped up the mugs for $4, and I already had the nail polish.  Cute and budget friendly?  My favorite!

Use Nail Polish to Make a DIY Mug

Supplies for Your DIY Nail Polish Mug

  • White ceramic mug.  (I bought mine at Home Goods!)
  • Nail polish in the color of your choosing.
  • Shallow dish.
  • Luke warm water.
  • A utensil to swirl the mixture, such as a wooden skewer, plastic butter knife, etc...

Make Your Own Mug Design with Nail Polish

How to Make Your DIY Nail Polish Mug

  1. Pour a couple inches of luke warm water into your shallow dish.  Make sure it's enough to dip in your item.
  2. Pour in some nail polish and swirl.
  3. If you want more than one color, add a second color and swirl.
  4. Gently dip your mug into the water, rolling it along the surface.
  5. Remove and allow to dry completely.

How to Use Nail Polish to Paint Your Own Mug

These mugs turned out beautifully!  And they are so one-of-a kind, which is great for teacher gifts.  We filled the mugs with a gift card and a letter ornament corresponding to their first initial.  I love how this gift is special because Kate helped make it and useful.

If you didn't want to do mugs, you could use this same technique with card stock and make note cards.  Either way you've got a personalized gift from your child that is sure to make the teachers smile!

What colors would you use to make your mug?

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