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Working With Brands: The Do’s and Don’ts

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You've spent hours working on your newly redesigned blog. From cutesy fonts to eye-catching colors, you've got what you need in order to attract clients — to work with brands. Brands that you feel are in-line with who and what your brand is and being able to provide them a service. Yet weeks go by and no prize-winning swordfish do you catch, not even a tiny nibble. What could you be doing wrong? Or the better question, what could you be doing better? Not only better, but what are the do's and dont's of working with brands?

Working With Brands

Zaniac Learning

Every month, the Mom It Forward Team hosts a Connective Circle in the Salt Lake valley. These events provide bloggers with social media education as well as a chance to network with other bloggers. This last month, we were thrilled to have partnered with Zaniac for our event all about branding your blog and working with brands.

So What's the Buzz About Zaniac Learning?

Many students need additional help after the school bell rings, and that is exactly the need that Zanaic Learning fulfills. Within minutes of entering the brightly painted rooms, a world of learning possibilities open up as your kids begin learning math, science, and technology. Immediately your child's imagination is ignited by dynamic lessons and enthusiastic instructors with a love of helping students learn. In a world where excitement and understanding of the sciences leads to real-world opportunities, there's no reason to not enroll your kids in a summer learning program. An exciting place where they learn and make friends with other kids interested in the same things they are such as chess, Minecraft, computer programming, and LEGO Robotics.

The Do's and Don'ts of Working With Brands - by Jordan Paige of Fun, Cheap, or Free

The Do's of Working with Brands:

  • Jordan tells us to find what makes you different. Find that angle that is you and then live it, breath it, eat it, and by it
  • Loyalty builds strong relationships. Be sure to stay loyal and don't settle for a quick paycheck
  • Rather than talking about you, talk about them. ASK them questions. What are their pain points? Learn all you can and tailor your pitch for each brand based on your research.
  • Be more than your statistics. Share your mission, goals, demographics, and of course, YOU.

The Don'ts When Working with Brands:

  • Be loyal to your readership. If it isn't a good fit for your readers, stick to who your brand is.
  • Under value or over-charge. A good range is $100 for 100k pageviews. As your social media and blog grows in followers, increase your rates.
  • When working with brand, don't do the bare minimum. Always over-deliver. It will make you stick out to the brand amongst other bloggers and it will be returned to you.
  • Talk money the first time you initiate contact. As Jordan says "Build the relationship first, and then talk turkey."


Have you ever entered your kids in a learning camp? If so, what difference did it make?

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