Duct Tape Kids Crafts: Colorful Box Masks

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Growing up, we never would have thought of duct tape kids crafts. Duct tape was something my dad used for taping pipes, fixing holes in tents, keeping the TV antenna in place, or repairing auto parts. Fast forward a few years and now you've got duct tape in a variety of colors and patterns, making it perfect for arts, crafts, and projects galore.

Duct Tape Kids Crafts Develop Imagination

What I like most about duct tape kids crafts is they make the perfect activity to let kids' imaginations flow. I have found it helps my kids get unplugged and focused on the craft at hand. Here is a project my 9-year-old son came up with to remedy his "I'm bored" blues one afternoon.

Scotch- Duct-Tape-Kids-Crafts-Box-Heads

How to Make Duct Tape Colorful Box Masks

1. Purchase several colors of duct tape.

We prefer to use Scotch brand duct tape given the variety of colors it comes in. My son, of course, wanted all of them, even colors they don't sell. We settled on these.


2. Buy or locate several cardboard boxes.

We bought some and used some we had laying around the house. We found that the 11x11 size fit the best on our boys' heads. You'll want to test out your boxes to see what size fits best for your kids.

3. Invest in quality scissors.

While tearing duct tape is easy and a simple way to work with it, having a pair of quality scissors helps with shapes or for getting a tear started. We have found that our CutCo kitchen scissors cut the duct tape the very best for duct tape kids crafts.

4. Choose your colors and pattern and begin designing.

My 9-year-old son loves looking for ideas online before beginning his masterpiece. Sometimes he wants to copy other designs (especially if they have anything to do with Mine Craft), but most often he is just looking for inspiration. On the other hand, my 12-year-old son likes to design as he goes. To each his own, right?

Once your kids have chosen the colors and/or patterns they want to use and have an image in mind, they can begin designing.

Duct Tape Kids Crafts-Box Head Masks

5. Play!

Colorful box masks lend themselves to hours of endless unplugged play time. Recommend to your kids to name their creations, play with them, and encourage them make more box masks the next time you hear them utter "I'm bored." They'll love you for it!

What are your favorite duct tape kids crafts?

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