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eBook: 13 Gratitude Activities For Kids

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I love the season between Halloween and Christmas. It always seems a little rushed as we prepare for the month of December, but I make it a point to slow down every year in November and focus on the things that I am grateful for. It not only makes me happier, but it makes me more present in my everyday life. I believe that if we model gratitude for our children they will be less likely to create pages and pages of wish lists for the holiday season, and will instead look for more ways to serve those around them. Showing gratitude is a gift, and we must learn to claim it.

In an effort to help your kids focus on gratitude this holiday season, Mom It Forward would love to share our Gratitude eBook with you.


Mom It Forward eBook: 13 Gratitude Activities For Kids

The Mom It Forward Gratitude eBook shares 13 fun activities and 5 helpful ways to introduce your family to the importance of gratitude and being thankful. Whether it’s handwriting thank-you notes or creating a gratitude tree in your house, teaching your kids how to practice gratitude will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

To download our Gratitude eBook for Kids and learn more about the 13 fun and simple gratitude activities and 5 ways to teach gratitude, click here.


How do you and your family show gratitude every day?

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