Edible Crafts: How To Make Halloween Cake Pops

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Edible Crafts—I have yet to find a child who doesn't enjoy craft time and who doesn't like a yummy treat?  Why not combine them!

Halloween crafts don't have to end at pumpkin carving. Have you heard of cake pops? When I saw a sale ad at a nearby department store for one of the cake pop makers, I ran over to combine my coupon for an extra 30% and rushed home to enjoy the edible fun.

How To Make Halloween Cake Pops

You start with a regular cake mix (choose your favorite flavor). I chose spice cake. Prepare the cake batter according to the directions. If you have a frosting type of dispenser, it is a good idea to fill it with the batter.

One of the best parts of the cake pop kit was that it came with this amazing tray.

This tray allows the cake pops to cool safely and facilitate the many decorating options. I first chose to sprinkle mine with powdered sugar.

Then I placed them into a bag of cinnamon and sugar, and softly shook...YUM! The decorating options with the plain pops are endless, especially when you have a fun holiday like Halloween to inspire you. Here is what I came up with:

I am no where near a "cake boss" when it comes to decorating with frosting. This mummy was really easy, though. The more "mistakes" you make, then more it looks like a wrapped mummy.

To make this pumpkin, I melted butterscotch chips (you could use peanut butter chips too, but we have a nut allergy in our family). I dipped the cake pop into the butterscotch and smothed with a frosting knife. I then combined green food coloring with the white I had used with the mummy and piped green leaves.

Then I looked around for topping items. I took another butterscotch dipped pop into chocolate sprinkles for the orange and black look. I melted white chocolate and added a mouth and eyes with black food gel to make a ghost. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy some craft time with your family that leads to a yummy clean up!

What Halloween treats have you made in the past? What Halloween treats do you plan on making to celebrate this year?

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