Fall Crafts: 5 Homemade Projects to Celebrate the Fall Season


Fall Crafts—Sweaters, boots, jeans, pumpkin-filled treats, oranges, reds, leaves, apples, cider...all of these items have one thing in common: Fall. The first day of Fall was this past Friday. Can you believe it? I don't know about you but it feels like yesteday we were just heading into the summer months. The days, months, and years keep flying by.

Some are sad to see the warm summer months transition into the cool, crisp days of Fall. However, if you're anything like me, you cannot wait to embrace this season with open arms. I've already decorated my home with fall decor, baked my first pumpkin-filled treat of the season, and have started a countdown of our trip to Michigan during which I can visit one of my favorite places, The Franklin Cider Mill.

Have you and your kids embraced the fall season yet? Thanks to our past contributors, here are five creative Fall activities that will help you celebrate the season, decorate your home, and prepare you for Halloween.

5 Homemade Projects to Celebrate Fall

Seasonal Leaf Garland, project created by Summer Minor

Hanging a garland during the winter holidays is a great way to add a festive touch to your home. But did you know that you can hang different kinds of garlands any time of year? Here’s a simple yet fun leaf garland to celebrate autumn and bring a little color into your home.


Fall Art Frame, project crated by Vaness Sperry

Vanessa from Crafty Envy was amazed at how the simplest of things—like the walk she had with her girls—can inspire her. They kept finding such beautiful leaves in all different colors. Her girls wanted to bring them home, so she thought, “Why not hang up these beautiful finding to celebrate fall?” And that she did...with these beautiful fall art frames. Here's how to make these festive frames.

Fall Flower Arrangement, created by Kami Bigler

Bring the beautiful colors of fall indoors with this fun DIY flower arrangement that combines sunflowers and candy corns. Here's how to create this arrangement.

Soda Bottle Ghosts, created by Vanessa Sperry

Instead of throwing away all those soda bottles left over from the last family get together, why not make a memory out of them? These soda bottle ghosts make the perfect kids Halloween craft activity while teaching your children how to creatively recycle. Here's how to create the spooky bottle ghosts.

Caramel Apples, created by Jyl Johnson Pattee

It’s Fall time and apples are at their peak this season! So Jyl grabbed a few at the store, along with some caramels, and decided to make Caramel Apples for the fabulous teachers who work so hard to help her kids learn! Here's how to make these caramel apples.

Thomas the Tank Halloween Costumes, created by Jyl Johnson Pattee

Are you wondering what to do about your kids and their Halloween costumes? Instead of spending tons of money at the store, why not make your own? These Thomas the Tank Halloween costumes are fun to put together and your kids will love them! Here's how to make these Thomas the Tank Halloween costumes.

Have you embraced fall yet? What is your favorite part about the fall season? What craft project do you and your kids do to celebrate fall?

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