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Family Activity: How to Throw an Iron Chef Cooking Party

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Coming up with the perfect family activity can be as simple as replicating your favorite TV show. Take Iron Chef, for example.

My family recently vacationed at a resort where this was one of the activities they offered as a spin off of the TV show. Our family had a blast participating and the family activity idea was not only creative, but provided us with an fun way to draw closer.

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How to Throw a Family Friendly Iron Chef Cooking Party

In this variation of the Iron Chef activity, divide into family teams to be contestants and you can all be the judge! Then follow these steps to put the party into action:

  1. Invite a few families that live nearby to come over to your home and give them a "secret ingredient" such as shredded coconut, lime, avocado, bacon, peanut butter, rice, or yogurt.
  2. family presenting food Set rules and share the time frame (we allotted one hour to the family activity).
  3. Give every family one hour to go back to their houses to make a dish using their given ingredient. Determine whether they are allowed to go to the store or if they need to make their dish from the ingredients they have at home.
  4. After the hour is up, have every family come back with their dish to share.
  5. Do some taste testing of all the dishes before anonymously casting your votes as to who made the best dish into a bowl to see who the winner is.

My family had a lot of fun coming up with our dish and then working together to get it made in the allotted time. It was a family team building experience and made wonderful memories!

How does your family work together and become a team?

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