Family Vacation: Take a trip to Antarctica at SeaWorld Orlando

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Many people spend thousands of dollars to see penguins in their natural habitat. Rather than travel to the bottom of the world, take a trip to SeaWorld Orlando and visit their realistic Antarctica exhibit. You will be educated, entertained and delighted at the exhibit that awaits you.


SeaWorld Orlando

Here are some highlights of our trip to Antarctica at SeaWorld Orlando:

You start your journey wandering among lifelike ice walls. My kids even touched them several times to make sure they really weren’t cold. As you progress through the line, you discover the life of a baby penguin and learn about the life cycle, habitat and perils of the penguin. Amazingly, there is an actual “ride” inside the exhibit. You can choose a bouncy fun vehicle or opt for a smooth mellow ride. My two boys were entranced by the multi-faceted trip, enjoying both the video story of the penguin and the fun ride portion of the journey. After exiting the ride, doors opened to a huge exhibit of penguins. What a great grand finale!


I have visited several penguin exhibits before, but seeing the vast number of penguins so close took my breath away. I could have reached out and touched the penguins; they were so close (although I doubt the conscientious workers keeping watch nearby would have allowed it)!

According to a helpful employee, the colony includes over 250 penguins from 4 different species. You get to see a variety of penguin behavior, from swimming, eating, walking and even molting. The expansive exhibit has areas to watch the penguins both at ground level and under the water.

We would have lingered in the exhibit forever, but the necessary penguin-cold atmosphere helped us move on to see the other fabulous exhibits and shows at SeaWorld. After visiting “Antarctica” I have taken that expensive trip to the South Pole off my travel list!

When was the last time you went to SeaWorld? What was your favorite part of your trip?

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