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Fresh Produce: Tips on Making Fruit Fun for Kids

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Girl infront of large statue fruits Do you struggle to get your kids to be happy eating fruit, either from boredom with the same old stuff or from a dislike of fruit itself? Do you want to help those in need get more fresh produce, but don't know how? Here are some tips from MomItForward #gno tweeters and @Lunchables panelists on how to help your kids enjoy fruit more, and how to help those in need get more fruit.

Tips on Getting Kids to Eat More Fruit

@dreamfog: "Our kids get a real kick out of "ugly" fruit and star fruits."

@cnaes: "Love making marshmallow/cream cheese fruit dip. It is so yummy."

@oscarmayer: "Have you tried grilled pears? With a touch of brown sugar... Yum." or from @DanielleLeitch: "Just grilled pineapple for 1st time - on skewers over foil w/drizzled honey on top. Let them get brown + soft- Yum!"

@reallunchables: "Grapes make a great summer snack. Try them frozen!"

Twitter screenshot from @DanielleLeitch: "Just grilled pineapple for 1st time - on skewers over foil w/drizzled honey on top. Let them get brown + soft- Yum!"

Tips on Helping Those in Need Get Fresh Produce

@bodhi_bear and @chaotic_barb: "Just visited Food Bank & saw how little produce they have. So important to donate $$$. $$$ is the best thing you can donate. They can buy dairy & produce much cheaper. Here was my pic heavy @foodbankrockies tour"

@crazycanuckblog: "I did a tour at @FoodBankRockies & was surprised to learn just how far $ can go in buying produce."

@ladyozma: "I also use my couponing deals to help those in need, and make my $$ go further in said aid! and @KouponKelly: "Same here! I just sent a box of donations to NC tornado victims. Everything I sent was free with coupons!"

Twitter screenshot from @jylmomif "Recent study by @feedingamerica: 45% of emerg food programs surveyed say they need fresh fruits/veggies"

@Lunchables is also committed to helping put fresh produce on the plates of our nation's needy. Talk about simple ways to help: if you take a happy picture of yourself with fruit, then upload it to Lunchables' Facebook page, they'llĀ  donate 10 pounds of of fruit to @FeedingAmerica for each fruit photo. Says @reallunchables: "It's best for individuals not to donate perishables. But our donations are planned and will be welcome!"

So, if you listen to MomItForward tweeters, you can feed fruit to your kids and to the needy in many fun, easy, and simple ways!

How do you make fruit fun for your kids?

Photo courtesy of Flickr.

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