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Summer is a great time for finding little keepsakes or creating a fun craft. Here’s a simple project that goes together quickly and with impressive results. When filled with a clear sealer, it becomes a coaster or decorative item. Don’t be scared off by the sealer—it’s super simple! If you decide not to use the sealer, it will still be cute, and even a bit more child friendly, but not as durable or usable as a coaster. The sealer gives the finished product really nice dimension.

Jar Lid Keepsake Coastersr

Jar Lid Coasters

What You Need:

  • Canning jar lid and ring
  • Paint
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Cardstock or paper to line the inside of lid
  • Hot glue gun or craft glue
  • Small items to decorate inside of lid—small erasers are shown for an example. Consider small shells, rocks, marbles, beads, or small toys.
  • Envirotex Lite High Gloss Finish—find at craft stores like Michael’s or on Amazon

jar lid coasters


1. Glue the canning lid to the ring.
2. Trace the lid onto cardstock and cut out the circle. Glue to the inside of the lid.
3. Paint as desired. The two blue ones pictured are spray painted with glitter paint, the other was painted on just the inside with craft paint.
4. Glitter if desired.
5. Decorate and glue in small objects.
6. Mix Envirotex and pour into lid. Allow to dry according to directions.

Ocean Jar Lid coasters Craft

Give this fun and rewarding project a try! For another version of this craft, see the penny coasters we made for Fathers Day.


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