Thank You: Fun Ideas For End of Year Teacher Gifts


The end of the school year is once again approaching and the idea finding a gift for your child’s teacher is nagging at the back of your mind. You want something that shows your appreciation and something that they can enjoy after all of their hard work. Here are some creative ideas for just that.

How to Show Appreciation to Your Child's Teacher

  • Fill a glass jar with their favorite candy or nuts. Decorate the jar with ribbon and paper.
  • Create a movie pack. Include a gift card for a movie rental, a bag of popcorn, and theater candy.
  • Give them a mini garden. Decorate a pot or a few mini pots with their name and fill it with a package of seeds.
  • Ice cream anyone? Give an assortment of ice cream toppings such as hot fudge and sprinkles. You could even include some bananas for banana splits. All they need is the ice cream!
  • Now that the year is over, let them relax. Maybe some bath salts, candles, a blanket, or a good book.
  • Get creative and decorate school items with fun paper, jewels, and ribbons. Try a clipboard or a stapler.

Be sure to add a card letting them know you appreciate all they’ve done!

How do you show your teachers that you appreciate them?



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