Graduation: Where to go for High School Senior Trips

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Graduation pics are done and school is almost over. If you have a high school senior like my son, they have severe senioritis. My son has been talking about taking a senior trip for months. I never went on a senior trip when I graduated from high school but I know that a lot of kids do it. Senior trips can be a fun way to spend one last time with friends and create lasting memories. Senior trips can also be really expensive. What can we as parents do to reward our children for graduating without breaking the bank?

High School graduates in cap and gown

High School Senior Trip Ideas

Here are some inexpensive senior trip ideas:

  • Go to an amusement parks. Nothing says senior trip like going on a roller coaster. Amusement parks are relatively inexpensive and bound to help create memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Camping at a National Park. If you want to get out of town and do it inexpensively, this is a good idea. You can find great deals on lodging or if you are really adventurous, the kids can tent it.
  • Visit California. California is a good place to visit a few beaches and do some site seeing.
  • White water rafting. This would be a fun way to end the year off with some excitement. Rafting trips are fairly inexpensive and can be a great way for kids to connect.
  • Take a road trip. Go to a different state. Sometimes jumping in the car and planning a road trip to a neighboring state can be a lot of fun. Do some research on must see attractions and gas up the car and go.
  • Attend a concert. During the summer there are some really fun concerts going on. Make a day of it and plan on seeing one of your favorite bands.
  • Senior Shopping Trip. Why not go on a shopping trip to a neighboring city and buy clothes and dorm necessities. This can be a fun way for your kids to support each, while also checking off something off your "get ready for college" list.

What fun trip does your senior have planned after graduation?
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