Halloween Napkin Rings


Before the kids trick or treat for bags full of chocolate and other sweets, it is a good idea to sit them down for a healthy dinner. Make that dinner even more fun with some spooky surprises, like these Halloween napkin rings! Great for a Halloween-themed dinner party, or a way to celebrate Halloween with children that are too old to go trick or treating, these simple to make Halloween napkin rings are sure to be a conversation starter!

DIY Halloween Napkin Rings

Supplies for Halloween Napkin Rings

  • Felt in your choice of colors
  • Googly Eyes - these are "Monster eyes" with colored irises
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Ruler

supplies for Halloween napkin rings

Cut the felt into 2"x6" strips - you'll need as many strips as you want finished napkin rings.

Cut six inch pieces of felt for the napkin ring base

Hot glue on the eyes. No need to go all the way around, just fill the center third of the felt.

Glue on monster googly eyeballs

Glue the ends of the felt together to make a loop - overlap about 1" of the felt to secure.

Glue together ends to secure napkin ring

Repeat with the remaining napkin rings.

Finished eyeball napkin rings - Make a full set!

Now all that is left is deciding on your spooky menu!

Halloween Napkin Rings

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