Review! Happeez Clips: Sticking It to the Fridge!


It's kind of weird to be THIS excited about... um... non-magnetic Clips.

But believe me these sticky backed clips from are saving my mom sanity! And they are amazingly attractive. The designs alone make me all warm and fuzzy inside. In fact they're called Happeez. I think I know why...

You don't realize how much you rely on magnets until YOU CAN'T USE THEM anymore.

We have a new fridge. One that isn't metal. Wow! Imagine the masses of artwork and Mother's Day cards and Graduation invitations piling up. They were all so sad and neglected. I really needed to protect them, give them their dignity back.

Happeez clips declare they can save my kid artwork from a pitiful life-cycle of backpack to counter to trash in one depressing day. Happeez clips from will adhere to a stainless steel fridge or even directly on cupboards! No magnets? Are you serious? Even better... they claim that the 'sticky' back won't leave any marks on your fridge or cupboard. Now I'm the happy mom!

What Are Happeez?HITE

  • Revolutionary material grips to slick surfaces, including stainless steel refrigerators, with no residue.
  • Stick and restick again and again.
  • To maintain grip, wipe back with water or vinegar-based glass cleaner and dry.

I'm happy Happeez to report that a whole stack of counter hugging cards, lists, and paper daffodils have been spared the recycle bin! The little CLIPS really WORK! (Disclosure: I tried clipping a package of half eaten Fritos and the Happeez clips could not hold the bag. Darn! The clip stayed in place stuck firm to the fridge, the jaws of the clip simply weren't strong enough!)

The clips are small so it's no surprise that the magic sticky backing holds them up. I figured the real test would be on a larger List Pad. However, the whole back of the pad is covered with the sticky surface and I'm officially smitten. The list pad stays attached to a cabinet near my junk drawer full of pens for easy access during those 'Oh crap! We're out of eggs!' moments when you want to hurry and write it on your grocery list.

Happeez Clips Make the Best Gifts EVER!

  • For a wedding shower?
  • Or a new housewarming gift?
  • How about when someone gets a new job? (The whiteboard would be awesome at the office!)
  • I need extra clips to place on my Daughter's mirror to remind her to clean the bathroom!

At first I thought the price was a little high. But when you can't find anything at all to help with the art/list organizing in your kitchen these are worth it. The clips are $6 for one, or $15 for a set of 3. The list pads are $7, and the white boards are $18. Shipping is $6 for multiple items. (I hate paying shipping.)  But I was excited to check the retailer list and located a shop just over the hill nearby selling little Happeez products.

I'm gonna get me some more Happeez clips!

Carissa received Happeez clips and a list pad from to review.
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