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A few years ago, I decided I wanted to learn how to mosaic. I was inspired by an artist's work that was showing at the Laguna Festival of Art in California. She had taken common household items, like tea pots and vases, and  covered them with bits of broken pottery. She also used all sorts of interesting things, from dice to small children's toys. I fell in love instantly!

I thought about them many times over the next few years and then the opportunity presented itself. I had to do an auction project with my son's class at the grade school so the insanity began — and still goes on strong today! I scoured the internet and found inspiring books and projects that helped me get started. Since then I have turned an obsession into a wonderful fulfilling hobby that brings me great satisfaction!

I have found that the thing I use the most is broken plates. Old and new, there is not a plate out there that cannot makes its way into a mosaic. I also use any number of other things. Old children's tea sets, things I found in a house fire (some of these things are in the cat piece above), glass beads, metal bits — you name it, I have tried to use it! And I have loads of stuff! I had to take over part of my husband's studio to keep everything organized.

If you would like to try your hand at a small mosaic, you do not have to go as crazy as I have. Start with a small frame or terra cotta pot. Use one of your old chipped plates that would have made it's way into the trash. Put it in an old pillow case and give it a whack with a hammer. Take out some aggression while your at it! But not too much. You want the pieces to be about the size of a quarter or smaller. Go to your local Home Impovement store and ask for mastic (for indoor projects) or thinset (for outdoor projects). This is the magic glue that will adhere your plate to your desired surface. After it dries add a fun color of grout. And there you have it! You'll be hooked!

There are some great books and reference materials on the web. This is where I taught myself to mosaic! So I know you can do it too! I hope this inspires you to go for it and make something fun!

Next time I will tell you about cereal box mosaics!!! I know, you're probably thinking, "What in the world is she talking about?" Well, you will just have to tune in and see!

Resources for Creating Art Mosaics


This gal is a wealth of knowledge! She has quite a few projects to view:

This is where you'll find the wild and crazy mosaic projects:

Here's a Kindle version with fantastic ideas:

This book is full of ideas:

Have you ever tried Mosaic? What crafts do you find most satisfying?

november-2011-024-150x150  Susan lives in Boise, Idaho, and is a self-taught artist and a jack of many artsy trades. She is married to professional artist and has two great teenagers. She has her hand in a lot of pots. She in very involved in her community and church. She loves friends, family, movies, eating out, laughing, and  vacationing to warm destinations! She just started her own blog: visit


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Susan lives in Boise, Idaho and is a self taught artist and a jack of many artsy trades. She is married to an artist and has two great teenagers. She has her hand in a lot of pots. She in very involved in her community and fundraising for her kids choirs. She loves friends, family, movies, pj's, laughing, and ART! She just started her own blog: visit [email protected]

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