Holiday Treats: How To Host a Bake Sale

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The holiday season is upon us once again! There's nothing like celebrating the holidays with your family and friends, creating wonderful memories year after year. It's so sad to think that not everyone has a chance to enjoy the holidays as we do. There are around 16 million hungry children in America today, and more than 15 million children living in poverty. That's 1 in 5 children who do not have enough to eat, day in and day out.

It would be so wonderful if this year, we could all do something to raise money for those children. To give them something they've been asking for all year long: the security that comes from knowing they will have enough to eat tomorrow. I invite you to join me in hosting a holiday bake sale to help feed hungry kids.

As a charity fundraiser blogger, I always enjoy coming up with new ways to raise money for kids in need in fun ways, especially during the holidays. This year, I am hosting a holiday bake sale to raise money for kids in need, working with Share Our Strength to help feed hungry children in America.

It may seem like a lot, but hosting a bake sale can be easy to do and a lot of fun, as long as you plan ahead. I encourage you to join me in making a difference this year by hosting a bake sale for charity!

How to Host a Holiday Bake Sale

Here are some helpful tips for running a successful holiday bake sale:

Choose your cause.  

Who will you raise money for? If you already have an organization in mind, then this step is the easiest! If you're not sure who to raise money for, think about who you'd like to help the most with your bake sale. As a baker, I like to choose organizations that help hungry children, or children in need.

This holiday season, I am raising money for Share Our Strength. If you're not familiar with SOS, this is a wonderful organization that works directly with schools, local and state governments, and families to help feed hungry children in America. And, as a bonus this holiday season, every single dollar we raise for SOS will be doubled through December 31st!

Choose your venue.  

Who will you sell your teats to and where? There are several different ways to host a bake sale, such as:

  • At a location. Choose to host your bake sale at a church, a school, an office building, or your very own home. If it's at a public place, ask permission in advance to make sure hosting a charity bake sale is permissible. Make sure the location has an area for you to set up a table with your baked goods, as well as areas for you to post signs announcing your bake sale.
  • A virtual bake sale.  After a home bake sale, this is my favorite type of bake sale to plan. I highly recommend this type of bake sale if you do not want the hassle of working at a location, setting up, cleaning, etc. that comes with a traditional bake sale. With a virtual bake sale, all you have to do is spread the word about your bake sale. Tell people what it's for, and what you'll be selling. Make sure to include prices, as well as a delivery date for the baked goods, and an email address. You may choose to sell your cookies at an office, a school, a church, or your neighborhood. Use flyers, email, word-of-mouth, anything to help spread the word about what you're doing. Or, you can take orders by email.  Have people email you their orders, this way you can keep track of how many cookies to make ahead of time. On the day of delivery, deliver cookies to your customers, and collect their donations.

Choose your treats.  

What kinds of treats will you sell? It's always best to make two or three different kinds of treats to give people an option. More than three kinds, however, might prove to be too much, especially with a large number of orders. Think about how you'll package them as well. Choose treats that will travel well, as well as ones you may stack in bags or boxes.

Choose your prices.

How much will you sell your treats for? Remember, this is a charity fundraiser, so you want to make sure people buy your cookies. I usually suggest selling cookies for $5-$8 per dozen.

Choose your bake sale date and sell!

When will you host your bake sale? Choose a date, making sure you have plenty of time a few days before to bake, and package your cookies.


Collect your donations and send your organization the money raised. Make sure to contact someone at the organization and let them know what you've done. This isn't about tooting your own horn. Organizations love to hear what people are doing to raise money!

What kind of holiday treats do you like to buy and sell at a holiday bake sale? What do you love most about holiday bake sales?


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Jackie Gonzalez-Feezer blogs at La Casa de Sweets. She hopes that this post has encouraged you to host your own holiday bake sale for charity! If you would like to learn more about baking for charity, please visit her website, La Casa de Sweets, and follow her on facebook and twitter! Blessings to you and your family this holiday season, and happy baking!
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My name is Jackie, and I’m the recipe creator and food photographer behind La Casa de Sweets. I love to bake, anything and everything! I bake to show my love, and to help raise money for hungry children. I encourage you to help me bake for a higher cause!

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