Holidays and Families: Moms Are the Glue That Holds a Family Together

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The Christmas Season always brings back heart-warming memories of my grandmothers. If life was a carousel, mothers would be the center that we all revolve around. She hosted countless Christmases, Birthdays, Easters, Anniversaries, and pot luck dinners without complaint. It was her pleasure, just as long as the whole family gathered around her table, she had all she wanted.

There are always two very important parts of the family. Dad being the head of the home does not make him more important, he just has a different job; however, Mom’s job is the most important for she is the glue that keeps everyone coming back home. No matter where life takes the kids and the Grandkids, if Mom has done her job well, they all come back home.

With so many memories so dear to me around her kitchen or dining room table, it is hard to imagine, but in that same room, we said our last good-byes to her as she was carried away just before the holiday season. Unfortunately, the spindle and glue were gone and we all kind of went our own way. We still see each other, but really only once a year and even then, things are not the same. Everyone has their own way of coping and finds new relationships to fill their days.

A familiar song to me about Grandma says, “Now that Grandma’s gone, we all spend our Christmases at home. All the Aunts and Uncles have Grandkids of their own. Lord let our homes be filled with love and joy like Grandma knew and may she have a Merry Christmas celebrating there with You.”

Now we’re the Moms. We’re the center and the glue of our home. Hold the torch high, fill the home with lots of love, so when the kids go off into the world, even if they roam far, they’ll always come back home.

Alicia Ivey wants to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hopes that everyone gets to spend time with family and friends.  Alicia is a wonderful wife and mother.  She enjoys traveling, singing and freelance writing for  No matter what the occasion this holiday season make sure your little one looks their very best in the most fashionable baby clothes or the perfect tutu with a matching baby headband.

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