Home Decor: How to Create a Rustic Fall Scarecrow Wreath


Fall Decor—Beautiful leaves on the trees, cool crisp air, hay rides, and fall festivals are just some of the joys of autumn. Scarecrows have been around for about 3,000 years to protect fall crops from crows that would eat bountiful harvests. Nowadays, you'll usually see them more as decorations (I guess crows are just too smart!), though they're certainly effective in smaller garden patches.

scarecrow wreath craft

Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating a Rustic Fall Scarecrow Wreath

In this craft, you will create a whimsical and rustic-looking scarecrow wreath to welcome friends and family to a Halloween, Thanksgiving or fall harvest party at your home.

Items to Purchase

Here is what you will need:

  • One 18" or one 24" grape vine wreath. (24" is used in this garland)
  • Two 6' fall garlands of your choice, more if you want a fuller leaf effect. The wreath can be made from maple or oak. The one pictured is made of synthetic maple leaves. There are many varieties to choose from at a craft store. Some come with berries, hay, acorns, and even imitation corn.
  • Some paddle wire, also known as florist wire. 26 gauge is used in this wreath but any size will do nicely.
  • A wire cutter
  • A pair of needle nose pliers
  • A scarecrow doll
  • A wreath hanger
  • Some twine or string (optional) that will blend in with the colors on the wreath


Step 1: Cut about 2-3 inches of paddle wire off the spool.

Step 2: Place the wreath on a table. Beginning at the bottom of the wreath, place the garland in a clockwise circle on top of the wreath. Getting good placement is important so that you will get an idea of how the finished wreath will appear.

scarecrow doll Step 3: Anchor the bottom piece of garland by threading the wire through the grapevine and twisting like you would a use a twist tie on a garbage bag. Needle nose pliers may be used so the wire doesn’t hurt your fingers and a better, tighter grip is possible. Cut off any excess wire after twisting and use the pliers to point sharp edges away by tucking wire towards the back of the wreath.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 every 5 inches or so. Before moving to step 5, inspect your work. Hold the wreath up vertically to check that there is no sagging of garland on the wreath. If sagging occurs, add additional paddle wire to fasten garland to the wreath.

Step 5: Place the scarecrow as if he or she is sitting atop the wreath. Take paddle wire and tie it tightly around the wrists of the scarecrow. Affix the additional length of wire to the garland. Repeat the same process with the ankles.

Step 6: Place wreath hanger over door with the curved end at the bottom. Place wreath on wreath hanger.

Fall wreaths are fabulous ways to showcase your home and create a feeling of warmth. We've made a couple as part of our party decor for fall. Be sure to add a few chrysanthemums to flank your front doorstep and perhaps a pumpkin or two for maximum effect. This wreath can also be made as a special gift to brighten up someone else’s doorstep, too!

We actually used an old doll our kids no longer play with for our wreath.

What fall crafts and DIY projects are you undertaking this season? How do you dress your home up for the holidays? How can you get your kids involved in handmade projects?


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