Why It’s Important to Let Kids Make Messes


Do you think it is important to let you kids make messes? I'll share with you why I do!

Why It's Important to Let Kids Make Messes

We fuss constantly - clean up your room, wash your hands, put your laundry away. When was the last time you just let them be messy? I know this comes more easily to some of us. With my first (14 years ago), I was a complete neat freak. I wandered around picking up the room she had just been in. I met myself coming and going, especially in those toddler years.

But after a few, hopefully wiser, years, I've relaxed. I enjoy getting lost in the moment and forgetting about the mess. If the thought of a mess makes you feel a little faint, here are a few ways to get started.

Supervised Freedom for Creative Play

Give them a little paper, safety scissors, and a bucket to put the trash in. They love the freedom of being allowed to use scissors! They get amazing practice at dexterity picking up the little pieces and putting them in the bucket. This is my favorite activity while I make dinner. I'm close by, keeping an eye on him while he uses the safety scissors, and he feels like a big kid! You may think this would get old, but every single night, he asks for the scissors. I love the predictablilty of this one! See more about setting up a safe creative play area for your kids.

Why It's Important to Let Kids Make Messes

Water Fun for Kids - Messy but Awesome

Let them jump in puddles! This might take a little thinking ahead on our part. If a good rain has come and gone, put them in shoes and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty or let them go barefoot. If you don't have any rain, just make a puddle with the garden hose. When was the last time you jumped in a puddle? Even a terrible Monday morning can be made a little happier by letting your toes get in some cool water!

Why It's Important to Let Kids Make Messes- Water play with pre-planning is brilliant!

Pretty soon, my older kids join in whenever there is water involved. An afternoon of boredom can dissolve quickly into giggles and games.

Why It's Important to Let Kids Make Messes- Water play with pre-planning is brilliant!

When was the last time you just let your kids be messy?

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