Keeping Your Kids Safe at the Beach

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With the scorching heat that comes with the summer, many families flock towards the beach for relief from the sun. However, if not careful, the trip can quickly go from fun to dangerous. A cautious eye on children can have parents ensuring that the beach is an enjoyable experience for the entire family.

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Keeping Your Kids Safe at the Beach

The following are ten tips for parents to keep in mind as they prepare to have fun at the beach:

  1. Know how to swim – Before children head into the water, parents should make sure that they know how to navigate the waves. Water can appear deeper than it actually is, and rip currents are a danger for anyone who swims out too far. Therefore, it’s best if your children stay near the shoreline in order to stay safe.
  2. Swim near a lifeguard - Lifeguards are experts whose job is saving lives, and are constantly scanning the waves for danger. Unless you happen to be a certified lifeguard, its best to stay within eyesight of the tall lifeguard towers.
  3. Never swim alone – Make sure that your children never wander off alone! Have the buddy up with a sibling, friend, or parent, and watch out for each other, especially if a lifeguard is nowhere in sight.
  4. Obey posted signs – Each beach will have its own signs and warnings, letting you know of the safety hazards. Always stay aware of these warnings, and of the various obstacles in the part of the ocean.
  5. Face the ocean – While it may seem silly, it’s important to always face forward, especially during high tide. Children can easily get knocked over by a powerful wave, leading to possible injuries and bruises.
  6. Beware of rip currents - Most lifeguard rescues are a result of the powerful pull of the ocean waves toward deeper water. However, parents should teach their children safety lessons to minimize the chances of risk. To get out of a rip current, swim parallel to the shore until out of the current. Once out, you can then swim safely back to the beach.
  7. Don’t dive - The leading cause of head and neck injuries at the beach is a result of people diving into the ocean. Diving head first into the ocean is a surefire way to get smacked around by waves.
  8. Use sunscreen – Sunscreen is a vital aspect of the beach experience, as it protects you from sunburn and skin cancer. Make sure that you reapply the sunscreen periodically, even if the bottle is marked as waterproof.
  9. Watch your step - Flip flops and sandals protect the soles of your feet from heat, broken glass and trash. Parents should make sure that their children keep their feet covered, to avoid the chances of potential foot injuries. In case of  a severe heat wave you should count with a place that has an AC service like the one providded by
  10. Avoid Alcohol - Alcohol impairs your judgment and increases your risk for injury. In addition, it can be a factor in drowning, as it lowers your body temperature and weakens your swimming ability. Therefore, parents should forgo the alcohol while on a trip with the kids.

While these are just a few tips, there are many more ways in which parents can keep safe while at the shores.

What other tips do you have for families on an outing at the beach?

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Diana Silvestro is a writer for Murray Callan, where their swim schools provides safety lessons for children throughout San Diego. She loves to enjoy the San Diego weather whenever she can, whether at the beach or on a hike. Check out their Facebook for more information!

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