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We'd all like to change the world, wouldn't we? Eradicate AIDS, give every living soul a college education, and end poverty and hunger. In our spare time. With our kids in tow. In between soccer practice and spelling tests. Most of us would like to help somehow but think the job's too big to be done in the little time we have, with what little resources we have.

Kelly Loubet is one woman who is proactively tackling this challenge, and breaking it down into manageable pieces. She is passionate about "growing community," as she calls it: giving back to the community and teaching her children charity by example. She personifies Mom It Forward's motto by heading up one of ourĀ  "Girls Night Outs for a Cause" chapters in Arizona. Attendees at these sought-after events get together for socializing over dinner or drinks at a local restaurant or other venue and a service project after. No one pays a cent, and everyone goes home with a swag bag and a warm heart, having done something "hands-on" to better their community. It's service made easy! What's not to like about that?

Kelly has been developing the Mom It Forward/Girls Night Out for a Cause events for over a year now. Before that she did similar events with the OfficeMaxMoms and other family related community projects, so she's well-heeled in what it takes to organize such events. At her first event, two people attended. One of her recent events brought out nearly 100 mom attendees. Venues are eager to provide places for these women to meet, and, of course, there are plenty of projects and charities to support. "It's so much fun," says Kelly.

Indeed, since word has gotten out about these events, charities often ask her to select them. Kelly decides based on what she thinks women would be most interested in supporting or what needs are most pressing. It can be making peanut butter sandwiches and going in a big group to hand them out to the homeless. It can be volunteering at a women's shelter. It's all arranged before-hand, and done with other women seeking a fun and rewarding evening.

All of this is greatly helped by Kelly's strong background in organizing and in social media marketing, a background she began acquiring years ago while working for a children's fashion accessory company. She traveled the country marketing their shows. After that, she promoted her own children's boutique through social media. She began her own blog,, in 2008. Centered around family lifestyle ideas and stories, her site is visually striking and straightforward. Through her blog, she has run campaigns for brands like The UPS Store, gathering more marketing clout. Today she has a "real-life" job from home as a Social Media Marketing Manager for the firm Social2B. She manages to be a mom, run a successful blog, fit service into her life, and help others fit it into theirs as well through GNO events for a cause.

If you are interested in attending a Mom It Forward Girls Night Out for a Cause in Phoenix, contact Kelly at [email protected]. Don't forget to check out her blog at, or follow her on Twitter at @Childhood. If you want to find out more about starting such events in your neck of the woods, email Jyl at [email protected].

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