Kids Craft: How to Decorate Pots With Molding Clay

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I am not a craft project type of a mom, so companies like Kiwi Crate are very appealing to me. They make doing art and crafts with my kids easy, convenient, and cost effective.

I knew that even though Kiwi Crate gears its projects to ages 3-7, that my 9-year-old son, Connor, would love it. But, what I wasn't planning on was actually enjoying it myself. But enjoy it I did.

We were sent a box with two projects in it, both related to fruits and vegetables and gardening. One required us to plant and grow real seeds that we'd later transplant in our garden. Connor had recently done that with a cucumber plant, so he wanted to try something new. The other project, called "my plant pots," was more artsy and was right up his ally.

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How to Decorate Flower and Vegetable Plant Pots With Molding Clay and Cutouts

Kiwi Crate projects come with all the instructions necessary to complete a project. We followed those as well as invented some of our own.

1. Gather up the supplies. For this project, we needed molding clay (Crayola brand worked great)...

Crayola Molding Clay

...colored pencils, cutouts of flowers and vegetables, and brown and green pipe cleaners (not featured).

Colored pencils, flowers, vegetables, cutouts

2. Decorate the pots with the molding clay. Connor and I both opted for polka dots, and I added stripes to enhance the color a bit.

3. Color the flower and vegetable cutouts, weave a pipe cleaner through them as if on a stem, and use some molding clay to affix the pipe cleaner to the inside of the planting pot. Voila! You've got yourself a decorated flower or a vegetable pot.

Vegetable pot, Flower pot, Planting pot, Kiwi Crate, Arts and Crafts, Kids Crafts

Next up? We'll go for a real plant with Kiwi Crate project number 2: My Window Garden. We can't wait!

What types of gardening-related crafts and projects do you like to do with your children? Without your children?

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