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Local Children’s Hospitals Donations Made Easy With New App

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Looking for the perfect local children's hospitals to support this holiday season? Look no further. Children's Miracle Network Hospitals' makes locating your local children's hospitals easy and giving fun right in time for Thanksgiving with it's new #AskForMoney campaign.

We're taking the challenge to make Thanksgiving dinner more awkward when we #AskForMoney in support of our local children's hospitals. With Children's Miracle Network Hospitals' new mobile fundraising app, Give Miracles, supporting your local children's hospital is easier than ever, now available with Apple Pay.

local children's hospitals

At Family Forward last year, I met a family that has been affected by their local children's hospital: The Ferrels and their son Nathan. Nathan has mitochondrial disease, which makes it hard for his body to create energy.

Funds at his Children's Miracle Network Hospital helped open the pediatric emergency department and fully fund child life services, all of which support Nathan's livelihood.

Spending an entire weekend with the Ferrels and seeing how Nathan is thriving all because of people's donations really opened my eyes to the difference all of us can make as we support our local children's hospitals through organizations like Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

local children's hospitals

How You Can Donate to Your Local Children's Hospitals

Your family can make a difference by supporting your local children's hospitals too this holiday season too. All you have to do is:

  1. Use Apple Pay on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac in Safari to donate on Donating is quicker, easier, and more secure than ever before.
  2. Use Apple Pay on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch to donate within Children's Miracle Network Hospitals’ Give Miracles app. Donating is as easy as selecting “Apple Pay” and placing your finger on Touch ID on your iPhone and iPad or double-clicking Apple Watch.*
  3. Visit to share an awkward family photo and how you're going to make Thanksgiving dinner more awkward using #AskForMoney on social media.

So often this time of year, families focus on the Thanksgiving menu, who will sit next to whom, and how we’ll keep the conversation away from politics. Instead, let's turn the focus to your local children’s hospital—a cornerstone of your community and donate to our local children's hospitals and make a difference in kids lives everywhere.

local children's hospitals

*US only – for Apple Pay and Giving Miracles app

How are you going to make your Thanksgiving dinner more awkward?

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