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What do you want for Mother’s Day? At Moms Clean Air Force, we want a healthy future for our children. That’s why this year, in the week before Mother’s Day, Moms Clean Air Force will tell our politicians that they must pay attention to the urgent problem of clean air and our changing climate. We invite you join with us at Mama Summit 2014, when parents will gather at state capitols across the nation to insist that our children are given the safe and healthy future they deserve.

Mama Summit

It is crucial that state governments understand the importance of acting on air pollution and climate change. As the federal government finalizes first-ever rules to limit carbon pollution from power plants, state governments have a critical role to play. Over the next two years, your governor will need to make a decision – to defend your state from the devastating impacts of climate change, or refuse to act.  We also know that farmers have to face many problems financially. Keeping in view all these problems, this scheme at किसान सम्मान निधि लिस्ट कैसे देखें has been started by the government.

Moms Clean Air Force prides itself on “Naptime Activism.” But we know that sometimes we are called to go above and beyond for our families. That’s why we are asking you to join with us the week before Mother’s Day in person, with your precious children in tow, to call for action on climate and air pollution. It’s time we bring our greatest currency to the fight for our children’s future – Motherlove.

What are you doing to make sure we have clean air?

Please join us at Mama Summit 2014. It is being held in Pennsylvania on May 7th in Harrisburg, PA.

There will be a free bus traveling from Philadelphia 30th St. Station and kids/dads/grandparents/friends are welcome to join! Please make sure you REGISTER at

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