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Valentine’s Day: 5 Fun and Free Family Outings for Valentine’s Day

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Growing up, the most memorable experiences I had with my mom didn’t require shopping or going on expensive vacations. I loved the days when we spent quality time together doing fun activities. And the beauty of quality time is that it doesn't have to cost a thing. Valentine's isn’t just a day for lovers. Families now can make February 14 an opportunity to celebrate all the loved ones in your family—everyone from grandparents to children. This year, why don’t you set a family plan to discover the exciting Valentine’s Day events that are organized in your community?


5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Your Community

There are tons of free events that can entertain every member of the family. Here is a list of five ideas for how to rediscover your town.

1. Valentine's Day Breakfast

Celebrate Valentine's Day as a family by making heart shaped waffles, French toast, or pancakes using either a heart shaped waffle iron, cookie cutters, or pancake molds. If breakfast doesn't work for your family, try doing the same thing with sandwiches at lunch. Also remember, if Valentine's Day falls on a day that isn't good for your family (i.e a work or school day), then choose a day closest to Valentine's Day and celebrate it then.

If you are inclined, you can have simple inexpensive gifts sitting at each person’s plate or better yet, place them in a large white Valentine box in the center of the table with strings or ribbons attached. Have a string lead to everyone's plate and after breakfast or lunch is over, let each family member pull out their gift. Remember to try and keep the gifts simple and inexpensive so you don't get stressed out over trying to find time to buy and wrap the gifts. The dollar store is often a good place to find simple inexpensive gifts.

2. Free Outdoor Concerts

There are lots of free outdoor and indoor concerts perfect for the family performed all year long. If it’s an outdoor show, turn it into a picnic, bringing your favorite holiday treats and a big blanket for the family to snuggle up on and enjoy the show. Dress the family up in a Valentine’s Day or winter theme; this could be a great opportunity for some family photos.

3. Pet Adoption Center

If you don’t think volunteering at a soup kitchen is right for your family this year, perhaps spending a day playing with cute animals can tempt your children out of the house. Take the whole family and help one of your local pet adoption shelters for a day. Often, holidays are the biggest times for adoption, so these places could use all the help they can get. You can share the Valentine's Day spirit with some animals in need.

4. Open House Museum Days

Many museums have a once-a-month free day where anyone is welcomed to explore their exhibits. Take the whole family to the local science museum or an interesting and interactive art exhibit. You never know which annual tradition will inspire your kids to become anthropologists, artists, or marine biologists.

5. Other Free Events in Your Area

If you type “free events in …” and the name of your town on a search engine, you will get plenty of links to great local places to check out. One website I like is called This website posts hundreds of ideas on how to get out of the house with your family without breaking the bank.

These are just a few ideas for how to get the family out of the house, but there are many more. When your kids grow up, they are going to remember the fun times you shared with them, not the things you bought for them. So go find a new tradition to share with your family this year.

What are some of your family's favorite Valentines traditions?

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