Practical Get Well Gifts That Comfort the Weary

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I love sending flowers. They are an awesome pick-me-up to brighten anyone's day! I also love receiving them. But I'll be honest with you, my favorite time to receive them is not when I'm sick, especially if I'm in so much pain that I can't appreciate their beauty.

Recently, I found myself with a few friends who were down and out. While they certainly could have used a pick-me-up, I wanted to provide them with something a little more practical—something that would take the load off. Enter Spoonful of Comfort.

A friend told me about Spoonful of Comfort—a company that, instead of sending the traditional flowers as get-well gifts, sends meals—chicken noodle soup, in fact! What could be more perfect to send to my friends, right?

The process goes like this: You order the gift, sharing what you want them to write on the card. They then ship the product. The person receives a big box on their doorstep, including a gallon bottle of chicken noodle soup (the kind with huge homemade noodles) and tied with a yellow and white polka-dotted ribbon around it, 6 dinner rolls, and 6 cookies all packaged with an insulated liner and gel packs to keep it safe and yummy. Oh! And last but not least—a handwritten card.

Even though I wasn't sick, our family tried some and it fed all four of us with enough left over for lunch the next day.

I'll admit that I am not a huge fan of rolls or cookies, so while the soup was out of this world, I normally wouldn't be the right person to comment on the other items. However, the rolls were so delicious that I ate two. Who knew? The cookies? I left those to my kids. What child can complain about cookies? Not mine!

I love finding alternative gift-giving solutions. What are your favorite get-well gifts to give?

Disclosure: Our family provided four hungry tummies and Spoonful of Comfort offered up the most scrumptious chicken noodle soup dinner evs!

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