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Printables: Did Someone Say I’m Bored?

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I imagine the conversation going somewhat like this: "Did I hear someone say I'm bored? Lucky for you, I have a whole list of things for you to do!" The child then proceeds to groan because the accidental slip up of the bored word. He/she then slumps to the boredom jar and picks a task at random. They chose clean out the car. Win, win! The car gets clean and the bored word hopefully gets used less and less.

As summer approaches, there are many ways to fight off boredom even without the boredom jar. Play outside with the kids and let them explore their creativity with some boredom busters for warm weather!

Did Someone Say I'm Bored? Printable

Download the Boredom Jar printables

I'm Bored Card Printables

I'm Bored Cards Printables

I'm Bored Cards Printables

This activity printable can also be found in our Creativity eBook from our Becoming A Super Hero Family ebook series. For more activities, quotes and printables, check out our eBook page.

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