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Raising Giving Kids: How To Host and Throw a Party That Has Purpose

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On Mom It Forward throughout the month of January, I've discussed ways to use your crafting ability to create shoes. I've listed 12 ways you and your child can start giving today. We outlined three tips in choosing an appropriate volunteer experience for your family. I've even laid out steps to teach your little ones to collect, create, and cash-in. Today's focus? Parties with a purpose.

My daughter has been planning her birthday party for the last six months. Sometimes she bursts into her very own “Happy Birthday to Me” song. She’s pondered the flavor of her cake and birthday theme. She’s even created her own invitations, but the thing my daughter is most excited about in regards to her birthday party is hanging out with her friends.

One of the reasons kids love parties is because they get to be with their friends. Heck, it’s one of the reasons I love parties. That’s why throwing a party with a purpose is such a great idea. You choose an organization your kids are interested in. Teach your kids to be more others focused, and then gather your friends to garner support.

Last fall, we participated in an national event called The Almost- Sleepover. The Almost-Sleepover was a party held on the same day by kids all across the United States in honor of a local nonprofit in their hometown. Fifteen pajama-clad kids showed up at my house. We baked, made up dance routines, created art for a new children’s wing, wrote letters to sick kids, brought games to donate to sick children, and most of all, had fun.

Our Almost-Sleepover was a way my daughter could see how service and fun can (and should!) be combined. The result of our Almost-Sleepover was more than a couple crates of donated books and toys. In the end, the girls toured the local facility we donated to, and now, a couple families volunteer there regularly.

Changing the world? Not yet. Changing little hearts. For sure.

 What kind of party with a purpose could your family become involved in this year? How can you make your kids' party filled with purpose?

Can one beyond blessed family move from addicted to themselves to devoted to others? The author of this post shares honestly at Amy L. Sullivan about her family’s attempt to become less me, me, me focused and more others centered. Amy writes for print and online publications and is also writing a nonfiction book about serving others.


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