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New Years is usually a time when we think about things we want to accomplish or achieve, primarily through resolutions. My husband had wanted to get more tech savvy this last year but wasn't sure how to do that. I thought I should buy him a computer for Christmas. Not only would a computer help him (and us) preserve family memories, but it would also help to bring the family closer together.

I decided to shop online and purchase an Apple iPad2 for my husband, Jim. Being older, he has always felt like a "dinosaur" when it came to computers, internet, email, facebook, etc. The user-friendly aspect of the Apple iPad2 seemed to be the perfect fit for him. With his desire to write some of his family's history, the time seemed right to help him launch a new chapter in his own life history as well.

Just one day after Christmas, I knew I had hit the bulls-eye, so to speak. We have a very high-tech oriented family who have been a huge help in getting the recipient, product, and process together. This support system has forged new relationships with our adult kids and grand kids we haven't heretofore developed. All are overjoyed to help their dad!

Our IT son, Brian, helped with the expert advice in purchasing just the right product, an Apple iPad2 with the perfect accessories from Zagg including a Folio Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and Invisible Shield. He then set up all his dad's important apps (BYUtv, Deseret News, Diabetes, etc.) for me ahead of time. He has already "skyped" his dad this morning with a cheery, "How's it going?" David, another IT son, is totally excited that his dad can now join him in conversations via the iPad world from 350 miles away. Natalie, a daughter, got him connected today on our wireless, showed him how to use new applications, and answered all his questions.

Jim jokingly said yesterday, "I will probably be tutored by Lola," our four year-old granddaughter. She has mastered downloading apps so well so that her parents had to set up a password to keep her from getting into the ipad without their permission.

Building relationships with family members has always been a high priority for us, but it has suddenly become easier and more meaningful with the flick of a switch. Happy New Year, Jim, 2012!

Do you have an ipad? How does technology help your family stay connected?

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Carol Ann Shepherd is a wife; mother of 6; grandma of 17; loves to cook, travel, teach, emergency preparedness, scrapbooking, sew, and anything creative. 


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