Road Trip Day 1: The World’s Largest Crayon

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How we discovered Crayola Attractions on our cross-country road trip.

I know today isn't technically the first day of #TheTroyandJylTrip cross-country road trip (made possible by the fine folks at @TroyPattee keeps reminding me we started in New York City on Sunday. But, today was the first day we spent all day in the car, making it feel more like a serious road trip. So, I'm calling it Day 1. You cool with that? Awesome!

We started the trip in Greenwich, Connecticut. We left kicking and screaming from Kim Orlando's house after two lovely days with her welcoming family and a lovely breakfast this morning with her and the fabulous Barbara Jones. After a short detour to the Bronx to check out the new Yankee Stadium, we were on our way to Pittsburgh for stop one along the way to Colorado to pick up our boys from Sanborn Camps—where they are at their very first sleep-away camp.

Even though we didn't have time for day trips or anything other than straight driving, when we saw the sign indicating "Crayola Attractions," we knew we had to pull off the road to check them out. And soon enough we found ourselves in the heart of Easton, Pennsylvania, home of the world's largest crayon!

I have a special place in my heart for Crayola, because they were the first brand to take a risk and sponsor a series of #gno Twitter parties during last year's back-to-school outreach. Three of their team members, including @skybluestacy (all their employees on Twitter include crayon colors in their Twitter IDs... so cute!), actively participated in, count them, 4 back-to-back #gno events. Needless to say, I have a special place in my heart for this brand, not only because of #gno, but because of the multitude of childhood memories they helped create for both me and my children.

If you find yourself near Easton, Pennsylvania, I highly recommend stopping, visiting the Crayola Factory (a children's interactive museum for discovery and learning) and huge Crayola store.

Disclosure: Thanks to the fine folks at for sponsoring my trip to BlogHer, including this road trip.

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