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Outdoors: How to Have Fun Outdoor Time With Your Kids

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If your kids are anything like mine, they constantly want to play outside now that Spring has arrived. I, of course, encourage them and often join them, because I need to get my winter wiggles worked out too. It's not hard for us to come up with ideas for what to do close to home. If you, like me, are looking for ideas, however, for new activities or places to go this year, consider these, offered by tweeters at a MomItForward Twitter Girls' Night Out (#gno) a couple of months ago, sponsored by Sanborn Western Camps.

Five Tips for Fun Outdoor Time With Your Kids

  1. Visit a national park and discover new things by doing the Passport Stamp or Junior Ranger thing. This was recommended by many tweeters, including @CoreyAnnKhan, who says: "We LOVE to visit national parks and get passport stamps!!! Its a great way to bond as a family!"
  2. See if you have an "Adventure Playground" like this one, near you, by @CalServes.
  3. Consider a family camp, one of those where everything is taken care of for you. This article lists several budget family camps. @WindyCityMomma says is a great resource for information about all kinds of camps.
  4. Check out for many great activities in your area, says @ChildrenNature.
  5. Give your kids some "props," either usual or unusual, to encourage their outdoor play, like binoculars, measuring cups, sieves, walking sticks, recommends @ImaginationSoup.

Are there other fun, unique ideas you have for getting outside with your kids? If so, let us know! In the meantime, enjoy the outdoors!

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