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Family Dreams: Making Dreams Come True Together

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Everyone has their hopes and dreams, but not everyone puts them into action. Sometimes dreams change and better ones come in their path. Other times dreams are not pursued and are left as a fantasy on a shelf. Sometimes, dreams are firm and commanding until they turn into reality.

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Chasing your dreams is just that, a chase. It takes much determination, time, and endurance. At a recent MomItForward Twitter #gno party, sponsored by Smucker's Uncrustables, Tweeters shared ways that your family can make your dreams come true.

How to Make Your Dreams Come True

  • Dream unstoppable. @kristiyamaguchi said, “Unstoppable means being passionate about your dreams and goals and always looking for the next challenge and adventure!” To @penny_candy and her family, unstoppable means never giving up, always continuing on, and pushing through. @reinaheather's family is unstoppable because they encourage each other and always lend support. Find ways that your family can become unstoppable and as @mummadear said, “Don’t let anything get in the way of your dreams and hopes.” @TheGraciousGirl does this with a family tradition, “We have a saying at our house when we are asked to do things we aren’t excited about: ‘Sign me up!’”
  • Dream united. Managing an on-the-go family is hard. The best way to make dreams come true is by becoming one and helping each other out. Many of our Tweeters, including @risitas136, suggested communication as the best way to accomplish more as a family. “Balance between work, play, and family is a challenge. Stay involved through communication,” said @reinaheather. Remember to keep stress levels low, a suggestion from @mcgraw14me. She also suggested always having some time for the whole family to be together. “Dream out loud,” said @MommaYoung.
  • Dream prepared. Plan and prepare in advance so the opportunities are abundant. “Finding balance can be tough. Lay out outfits, make lunches and pack bags the night before to avoid the morning rush!” said @kristiyamaguchi. @WendyNoel72 said the biggest challenge was meal planning. “I try to manage food prep since our evenings are short on time.”
  • Dream fed. Finding time to sit down in our crazy life is easier said than done. Tweeters gave suggestions on snacks and on the go treats when you don’t have time to cook something up. “Preparation is key,” said @jillgreenlaw “If you have things ready before you leave the house, you’re less likely to eat poorly.” Here are some ideas from our Tweeters: Uncrustables, @kristiyamaguchi; carrot sticks and apple slices, @ktandbri; fruits and veggies with light dips or guacamole, @risitas136; bottled water, cheese sticks and slim jims, @TammySigond; trail mix and raisins, @mellanhead; nuts, granola bars, healthy snack bars, @penny_candy. Separate your snacks ahead of time so they are ready to grab. “Ziplocks and Tupperware are your friend,” said @KaratewithaZ. “I make sure there is fresh fruit always in the fruit bowl on the table … easy quick ‘n grab on the way out,” said @WendyNoel72.
  • Dream inspired. Foster inspiration in your family and encourage making and setting goals and dreams. “The best way to foster inspiration in my opinion is to give kids tons of opportunities to discover their strengths and to set goals,” said @jylmomIF. “I try to expose them to many different things to see what grabs their attention,” said @kristiyamaguchi. “Give them the ‘can do’ speech! The goal can be reached if you try hard enough,” said @n210ss. @Smart_Spaces suggested asking your child what would motivate them and help them set their own goals.
  • Dream planned. As @BudgetGourmetM said, no matter your dream, live each day with the end result in mind and make decisions to get there. @reinaheather's dream is to make a difference as much as possible. Her plan is to “volunteer, pass it forward, smile, and love.”
  • Dream captured. Capture your kids’ special dream-achieving moments to remember them for years to come. “I always have my camera and video camera ready to catch those special memories!” said @kristiyamaguchi. The biggest tip from our Tweeters was to always be prepared to capture the moment. “You never know when the big moment will be,” said @reinaheather. There are other ways to record dreams being fulfilled than pictures and videos. @mom4everandever makes photo books and @reinaheather suggested journals. “Keep their art for reminders and talk about it,” said @MommaYoung.
  • Dream shared. Inform others of your family’s hopes, goals, and dreams to build a support group as well as to have friends to share your success with. @CateOMalley advised starting a blog. “I love that my kids can look back at some of their big (and not so big) moments online.”

However you dream, make sure you wish upon every star and never loose sight of what you want most.

What goal has your family accomplished together? How did you do it?

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