Shopping for Teens: Five Must-Follow Tips

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There are two kinds of parents: those that enjoy shopping for teens and those who can't stand it. I fall somewhere in the middle. But, whether it's holiday, back to school, or any other time of the year shopping, it has got to be on my own terms. In other words, it's got to be quick. I refuse to wander around aimlessly; I do my shopping with purpose.

The problem I have had this year is that I have two middle-school aged boys whose interests are as different as night and day. My youngest plays the saxophone and clarinet; my oldest plays the radio. My oldest is interested in athletics, exercise, and eating right; my youngest has been known to drink maple syrup straight from the bottle. This has made shopping for teens—specifically my two teenagers—difficult.

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So, when Sam's Club approached me about shopping during their Open House this weekend (Sunday, November 30, 2014), I decided it was a great opportunity to turn my distaste for shopping for teens into the perfect holiday shopping experience.

Five Must-Follow Tips When Shopping for Teens

What I found during was that my boys' variety of interests are sometimes at odds with my own desire for shopping to be quick and painless. The good news? I also came up with five must-follow tips when shopping for teens that helps me find presents my kids enjoy and still limits the amount of time I spend shopping.

1. Give Gift Cards

Gift cards for dozens of different restaurants are available these days. If that isn't enough choice then buy them a card to Amazon or iTunes where your kids can choose from literally thousands of apps or items.

2. Fill Them With Food Shopping for Teens-Vertical

I've met a lot of kids in my life and I've never found one who doesn't enjoy food. Sure, you can get them sweets, buy my boys also flip over beef jerky or trail mix, two relatively healthy food options.

3. Put on Some Clothes

Or rather, put some clothing under the tree. I remember hating it when I got clothes for Christmas, but somehow things have changed over the years. These days stores only stock clothes that are cool. One of my kids even requested socks.

4. Buy Them a Book

I've been blessed with boys who read. Hardcover, paperback, digital, or magazines. If it has words my kids will read it, and there's something for everyone when it comes to words.

5. Get Them a Gadget

Gone are the days when the only good electronics were the expensive ones. Today we can buy gadgets for less than $25 that will keep the kids entertained for weeks. If you keep your eyes open you can sometimes find them for even less.

Sam's Club Open House This Sunday

If you're looking for a great place that has a lot of options don't miss the Sam's Club open house this Sunday, November 30. It's open to the public and no membership is required (just stop buy the service desk to receive a special code). Along with the regular bargains they've also got special deals like a $100 iTunes gift card for only $80. Click here for more information.

What are your tips for shopping for teens?

Disclosure: While I was compensated to promote the Sam's Club Black Friday Open House, all thoughts and gift suggestions are my own.


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