Health: 8 Ways to Show Metastatic Breast Cancer Support


Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) has impacted many women across the world and many don’t even know what it is. MBC is the most advanced stage of breast cancer and signifies that the cancer has spread to distant organs. Those who have been affected by MBC need support, and awareness needs to be raised.

There are more ways to support a cure for cancer than wearing pink. At a recent MomItForward Twitter #gno party sponsored by Faces of MBC, women shared their realization and experience with breast cancer.

8 Ways to Show Metastatic Breast Cancer Support

Here are 8 of the best statistics and tips our Tweeters shared to raise awareness and show support:

  • The pink ribbon to some means support, but others feel it doesn’t do enough. @mom4everandever said that the pink ribbon to her means that there are people out there to help and to care. It is also a reminder to check yourselves and be aware. @FacesofMBC took a survey of people with MBC, and found that 55% said they don’t identify with the pink ribbon.
  • MBC does not have the awareness that breast cancer does. It should be included in breast cancer events. @FacesofMBC said, “We’ve heard 70% of women with MBC say even family and friends don’t understand the difference between MBC and early breast cancer.”
  • Support can be shown in many ways: emails, cards, texts, gifts and hugs. @Brandie185 said it all helps, the meals, the cards, the tweets. To @tdmoore62, support is listening, driving a friend to the doctor, sending emails, calling, helping with fundraisers, giving hugs donations, and more.
  • Online support tools are available for patients and caregivers of those with breast cancer. @Brandie185 suggested the #BCSM chat on Twitter. “It’s been a life saver for me,” she said.
  • Awareness can and needs to be spread. To do this, our Tweeters remind people to check, spread the news and educate. “And remember, pink is not enough. Buy pink if you want to, but don’t let that be the sum total of what you do,” said @Brandie185.
  • Awareness can be spread through the internet and through live events. @JoyceHarrellRN said that blogging is good but not everyone is on the internet and community events are needed.
  • Give recognition to those living with MBC as well as those who have passed away because of it. According to @CJMeta, at every breast cancer event, they cheer survivors but never honor those living with MBC. “They also need a moment of silence for the 41,000 dying each year. The dead are never mentioned,” she said.
  • Maintain breast health and encourage others to do so as well. @tdmoore62 said she will do this by completing a monthly self breast exam and an annual mammogram.

MBC needs the same attention that early-stage breast cancer receives. Little things can make a big difference for cancer patients. Do all you can to make a difference in their lives and take action to spread awareness.

What are some things you can do to help those battling early breast cancer and MBC?

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