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Share more, say less! This is the general rule that we abide by when sending our text messages or posting our Twitter updates to the world. Even Facebook has a character limit that they just changed to 63,206 characters. While it’s reasonable to say that the average person won’t max out their character limit, it’s still a good guideline to keep your friends updated without maxing out their patience.

We’re always connecting, messaging, updating, checking, following, friending, sending, and exploring new and unique ways to share our message. When we have to abide by the 160 character limits for texting and 140 character limits for Tweeting, we need to get creative with our wording. The words are the bait for our readers, but with a limit to an article or a Twitpic, text with icons is really the hook. The Facebook status updates that generally catch our eyes are the ones with images or a link to a story.

Posting messages with character limits makes us tap into our creative outlets. There is a way to amplify the true meaning of messages by adding more life, impact, and color to entice readers and followers to want more. Zlango Icon Messaging adds that extra ingredient into the messaging mix so a message of 140 characters can get across in 3 words and bring that extra flare that words alone couldn’t portray.

Zlango Icon Messaging is not just for texting but also for social updating. Being connected to more than just one social network takes time to manage. Without having to switch applications, it is possible to update your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and any other social network from inside the application.

How to Update your Social Circles:

There are several sites that sync your social networks to update all of them with one post. This feature is called ZlangOut and allows for more efficient social updating. Hootsuite is a great tool that allows you to look at the feeds from all your social networks on one screen. Zlango is not a management tool but allows you to update everything from one place.

Social media is changing the way we share experiences with our friends and communities from anywhere, about everything. Now we’re ready to share these experiences with real personal expression beyond the characters. We don’t watch TV in B&W, so there’s no reason we should tweet, facebook and Google Plus, let alone text message in plain B&W text either.  Zlango brought texting to life with the world’s first icon messaging app, and is now with ZlangOut to bring personal, colorful expression straight from the mobile phone to all our favorite social networks.

Are you a social media junkie? What are you favorite social media applications?

Cidney Carver is the Community Manager at Zlango Icon Messaging, and the liaison between the Zlango team and their millions of users worldwide. What’s new?

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