Spring Crafts for Kids: How to Make a Butterfly Mobile


It’s almost spring! The leaves will be green, the flowers will bloom and butterflies will be everywhere. A great way to celebrate the coming of spring is to bring a little of that sunshine inside with spring crafts for kids.

A butterfly mobile is a cute, easy DIY decoration for any little girl’s room.

Spring Crafts for Kids-Butterfly Mobile

Spring Crafts for Kids: Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a Butterfly Mobile


  • White Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Fishing line, ribbon, string or twine
  • Hooks, push-pins, or nail to hang mobile


1.    Print out images of butterflies in various sizes and colors onto white card stock, you need 2 copies of each butterfly.
2.    Cut out all butterflies and a length of ribbon/twine to the length you want the mobile.

cut out paperbutterflies

3.    Secure the top end of ribbon/twine to your working surface and leave a bit of room to tie your mobile to the hook or pin.
4.    Take the first butterfly (facing down) and lay the string directly in the middle of the butterfly. Secure it with tape and cover the string with glue.

secured butterfly

5.    Take the copy of the first butterfly (face up) and lay it on top of the string and first copy.

secured butterfly

6.    Glue the 2 butterflies together to secure them to the ribbon/twine.
7.    Repeat 3-6 with the remaining butterflies.

repeat the paper butterflies

8.    When you are done, you can cut the string below the last butterfly to complete a vertical mobile or you can tie both ends to the wall or another object to create a horizontal mobile!

Butterfly Mobile

horizontal butterfly mobile


This is such a fun spring craft with so many possibilities and options. You could even print the butterflies in black and white so that your child can color them!

 What Spring crafts for kids are you excited to make this upcoming season?


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