Power of Story Week 5: I’m A Dreamer!

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Every one of my kids have their unique interests. Interests at our house range from Chinese Philosophy, Sign Language, Basketball, Shakespeare, to all things “Lord of the Rings,” and all kinds of stuff in between.

"Our interests, our favorites, our hobbies, in a word, often describe us."

Village in spring through a hole in a rock

Even if you haven't been able to spend your life doing what you love, do those around you know how much you love a beautiful garden, places you dream of traveling to, and the books that have changed your life? Do they know you want to learn to watercolor, play the piano or sing in Carnegie Hall? What's your favorite thing to do with a free hour? How would you spend a day entirely to yourself?

My mom passed away very young. She didn't fill up shelves full of journals, she raised eight children. But from time to time, my mom made it a point to write something down—much like we're doing with this series of posts. And I'm forever grateful that she did. Those words reach out to me like a life-line, like the time she answered the question, “Describe a perfect spring day.” She says that her day would include a walk through her "village." Here's part of what she said:

"As Dad leaves for the office, he drops me off at the South end of Danish Road. The weather, of course, is beautiful, the mountains tall and green—although there are still patches of snow. Then I walk north and as I walk down past each house, I notice the flowers and I wonder about the people who live inside. I always love walking back down into our Willow Creek. It is my village, my community, my home. We have so many dear friends whose lives have touched us for almost 26 years. I'm glad my children could grow up here."

Now its your turn.

What makes you happy? What would you like to learn how to do? What is your perfect day?

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For over 20 years, Carol Rice has been a national presenter, lecturer, author and conducted hundreds of workshops and training events about the power of storytelling.  Yet, she has been living it her entire life as the daughter of an avid genealogist, Carol learned first hand the importance of bringing our heritage to life through the power of story.  She currently serves as President of a storytelling and family history publisher, Cherish|Bound.  She produces an annual event called Story@Home. Has served as Outreach Executive Director for Timpanogos Storytelling Institute and Finance Chair of the National Storytelling Network.  Everyone has a story – Carol’s mission is to help you tell yours. Find her on facebook, follow her on twitter: carolrice or email: [email protected].

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