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My family loves superheroes. I’m talking dress up in costume to go see the midnight premiere of every superhero movie loves them. This summer we had a superhero-themed family reunion and as part of the reunion planning, my dad asked me to put together an epic superhero adventure for the entire group. I also love the show The Amazing Race and decided to put the two together to create a superhero amazing race.

Superhero Amazing Race

Superhero Amazing Race

Our race included a group of 50 people of all ages. I split the group into 10 teams, gave each team a superhero name like “Team Batman,” and made each team a bag full of goodies including masks, water bottles, maps, rules, and clues.

Superhero Amazing Race Clues

Superhero Amazing Race Bags

All teams were given their bags at the same time and when I said go, told to open clue #1 to get the race started. The clues included everything from feeding ducks at a nearby park to hiking a trail to find superheroes hidden in the forest. This was such a fun event for our family and something I will probably do again at one of my son’s birthday parties in the future.

Superhero Amazing Race Team

Plan Your Own Superhero Amazing Race

While we did our amazing race with a large group and drove all over town, this could easily be adapted for a child’s birthday party or even with just your own individual family in your backyard. All you need are the free printables below, a little creativity, and some super participants.

Step 1—Estimate how many teams you will have. Small teams are best so everyone can participate as much as possible. Give each team a superhero name.

Step 2—Come up with your clues and print out one of each clue for each team. You can use my clues below as examples and adjust as needed to fit your group. For example, rather than having your team build a fire, have them build a tower out of blocks. Or rather than having them drive to a nearby restaurant, have them come into the kitchen and eat an entire package of Oreos.

Step 3—Put together your bags. You can fill them with whatever goodies you want, but you should include clues and rules (if there are any). Other fun things to include are water bottles with superhero labels, masks, and capes. Because we sent teams all over town, we gave them all of their numbered clues in their bag. You could also just give teams clue #1 and have them receive their next clue after they complete a task.

Step—Setup your race. If you can, create clues that teams can complete without supervision so you can watch.

Step 5—Break into teams, give teams their bags, and say go. Then just sit back and enjoy watching the fun you've created.

Free Printables
Amazing Race Clues—Samples
Amazing Race Clues—Blank
Superhero Circle Labels
Superhero Water Bottle Labels
Amazing Race Envelope Labels

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What are some of your favorite family activities?

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