Thanksgiving Craft: How To Make a Thankful Tree


Last year for one of our Thanksgiving day activities, we had each child make their own gratitude poster, listing all of the things they were grateful for. All the kids made a poster that reflected their unique talents. Some featured intricate drawings, others showcased magazine clippings, while others were a simple list in bold colors.

Teaching Gratitude Through Thanksgiving Crafts

This year, we wanted to do another fun activity to re-emphasize the giving spirit of the season. I learned about the Thankful Tree idea when I visited my cousin Kim's house earlier this year. What a great way to teach gratitude, bring the family together, and showcase all the things you are thankful for.


To make this tree you need the following:

  • Brown, orange, red, and yellow butcher paper
  • Scissors
  • Black marker

How To Make a Thankful Tree

The steps required are simple:

  1. Out of the brown paper, cut out the trunk and branches of the tree and hang them on the wall.
  2. Out of the orange, red, and yellow paper, cut out leaves big enough to write on.
  3. Give each child an assortment of leaves and have him/her write one thing they are thankful for on each of the leaves.
  4. When each of the leaves has been written on, add them to the branches to fill out the tree.
  5. After the tree is complete, sit down as a family and go around the room, sharing all the things you added to the tree—what you are most thankful for—and why.

What are you most thankful for? How can you help your kids have a grateful and giving heart this holiday season?

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