Tips, Tricks and Recipes for Hosting a Successful Super Bowl Party


For those of you who are into football, this upcoming weekend is huge. For those of you who are not into football, this weekend is huge. Why? The Super Bowl is on Sunday. Football lovers are prepping for the big game and food lovers are heading to the grocery stores to pick up game day foods. I love football but I'm not going to lie. The thought of Super Bowl food gets me so pumped up for the big game.


Finger foods, grilled meats, dips and bowls of chili are what traditionally fill the bellies of Super Bowl party attendees. If you cook any one of the following dishes, you are guaranteed to be the MVP of the party.


Main Entrees



Tips and Tricks

It's always fun to make Super Bowl parties festive to help your guest get into the spirit of the game. The following are tips and tricks to hosting a successful Super Bowl Party.

  • Decorate the house in the teams' colors
  • Buy plates and napkins that match the teams' colors and buy serving dishes that are football-themed
  • Make sure you have plenty of chairs for your guests since the main focus of the day will be on the TV
  • Clear anything away from the TV so that people have a nice view from any angle
  • Buy themed props and place them around the room (e.g. miniature footballs)
  • Personalize items with players' names, etc.

To all of the football fans and food lovers out there, I hope you enjoy a fun day and a great evening of football filled with revelry, refreshments, food and friendly rivalry!

Are you going to be wearing your black and gold in support of the Steelers or your cheese head in support of the Green Bay Packers on Sunday? What dishes are going to be on your Super Bowl menu?

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