5 Ways Toddlers Can Use the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

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Amazon recently came out with a new Echo Dot Kids Edition that is fun, colorful, and reasonably priced. When we first received this product, I wasn’t sure how much my toddlers would be able to use it. So many of the functionalities and games seemed aimed towards children that are a little bit older. As we started using the device, we realized that we couldn’t have been more wrong. 

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5 Ways Toddlers Can Use the Echo Dot Kids Edition

Here are the top five reasons the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition has been great for our little kids.

1.) Aids in Routine

We just transitioned our toddler boys into sleeping in the same bedroom which has required a strict bedtime routine. The Echo has become a vital part of this routine. It can be used for everything from setting a toothbrush timer to reading a bedtime story and everything in between. My four year-old is able to talk to the device effortlessly and the voice recognition is much better at recognizing small voices than other devices we’ve used.

2.) Creates White Noise

Many young children need a little bit of background noise to stay asleep during the night. The Echo Dot gives you all sorts of options when it comes to white noise. We turn on an Audible book for them each night that’s just boring enough to get them to sleep and keep them asleep. The Kid's Edition comes with one year of FreeTime Unlimited which gives us access to classic kids books like Peter Pan and Tom Sawyer. We often set the books on a timer using the Parent Dashboard so that it’s not playing all night long. You can also play Spotify playlists with white noise sounds.

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3.) Includes Games

There some darling age-appropriate games with themes from kid favorites like Daniel Tiger, Frozen, and Mickey Mouse. These may require a bit of assistance from parents but the kids love it. The Kid's Edition also comes with a colorful case and 2 year guarantee which provides peace of mind when they are grabbing and pulling at the device.

4.) Features Timers and Alarms

We’ve started using the timers on the Echo Dot for all sorts activities. Time-out timers, toothbrush timers, and even quiet time alarms. You can set alarms to wake the kids up in the morning from the Parent Dashboard and don’t forget the fun alarms and sounds that kids recognize. If you have other Echo devices you could also use it as a sort of intercom system to speak to them from another room.

5.) Plays Music

Playing music is a favorite functionality of the Echo Dot for our family and I’m sure many others. It’s unbelievably easy for my kids to turn on music for themselves to dance to. You can connect the device to your Spotify account to play specific playlists and a wider variety of songs. We have a bedtime playlist with classical music that my kids turn on every night after bath time.

5 Ways Toddlers Can Use the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition has been such a fun addition to our little boys’ room. There are so many fun tricks and games to be discovered and can be used by even the littlest of kids.

Why would you love to have an Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition?

Disclaimer: The review materials were provided by Amazon.

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