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Tooth Fairy Traditions: 8 Ways to Celebrate When Your Kids Lose a Tooth

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Traditions—When I was at a tooth-losing age, the Tooth Fairy's going rate in my neighborhood was as low as 10 cents and as high as a dollar. I got bold one time, wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy, and asked for $5. Trying to figure out how I'd actually get what I asked for, I decided to add a little humor and added: "PS: I accept credit cards." It worked! I got a whopping $5 for that tooth and my mom shared the story for years, telling people how I was rewarded for my creativity. I loved hearing that story!

Fast forward 30-ish years to when my kids started losing teeth. What would our Tooth Fairy reward them with? What traditions, if any, would we start or continue?

Both my husband and I got money, so that's what we continued. I will admit to not being a great Tooth Fairy, so I put the question out on Facebook and Twitter the other day, asking what Tooth Fairy traditions people had, I was amazed to learn of the creative parents out there.

8 Tooth Fairy Tradition Ideas When Your Children Lose Their Teeth

Here's some Tooth Fairy traditions the Mom It Forward community shared that you may want to consider:

  1. Leave two gold coins under their pillow.
  2. Leave a $2 dollar bill under their pillow.
  3. Leave a trail of glitter from the window to their bed and a note under their pillow.
  4. Leave a card with glitter under their pillow.
  5. Leave "pixie dust" wherever they lost their first tooth, even in the sink if it falls down the sink!
  6. A $5 bill for the first tooth and quarters for subsequent lost teeth.
  7. A $5 bill for each tooth that goes directly into a savings account.
  8. Quarters with pennies (one for each lost tooth).

I also learned about this fun tradition from the Fresh Takes website. Before the Tooth Fairy comes and upon the loss of the first tooth, tell your kids that they are entering the "Tooth Fairy Network," only allowed for kids who have lost teeth. Read more here.

What fun Tooth Fairy traditions do you have in your family?

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