Valentine’s Day: 5 Inexpensive Date Night Ideas


Whether you have kids or not, adding creativity and spontaneity to your love life on a budget can be difficult...but there's hope!

With five children, my husband and I often did nothing more than run out for a quick meal and then return home. We found ourselves running out of new places to go and things to do after a few years and decided to incorporate fresh ideas into our date nights. We are still trying to maintain an atmosphere of romance and not break the bank. We have to think outside the box on this one.

5 Inexpensive Valentine Date Night Ideas

  1. Stargaze – One of our favorite pastimes is lying in the grass staring at the stars. We began the ritual when we were dating and have continued by sharing the passion with our kids. Stargazing involves nothing more than a clear, starry night and a piece of quiet somewhere. We like to sneak out on the patio after the kids have gone to bed or grab an ice cream and head to our local lake. The romance is in the twinkling of the stars.
  2. Geocache – Have you discovered the fun of geocaching? I read about it this past summer and our family has enjoyed the thrill ever since. Grab your date and head out on a treasure hunt. There are six within walking distance of our house and several more locally. A little bit of gas and a lot of energy can go a long way in geocaching. Discover the magic of treasure hunting together!
  3. Have a Movie Night – With movie rentals as low as $1.50, sometimes the easiest way to share some quality time is to simply rent a DVD, pop some popcorn, crawl into bed, or snuggle on the couch with a good movie. Alleviating the need for a babysitter and not using any gas, this is typically the default plan when we are on a tight budget for date night.
  4. Explore your City – Even with gas prices on the rise, there is still a reason to get out and explore. Watch for bargains through an online deal site for places and events nearby. We have discovered that even within our own tiny town there is still so much to do. Grab a camera and become a tourist right where you are planted.
  5. See the Arts – Local theater groups and some smaller museums often have low-cost admission prices. Delve into the culture of the humanities and see the arts in your city. You never know what types of new ideas can be inspired by looking at the creativity of others.

What are some of your best inexpensive date ideas?

SS_me Staci Salazar is the blog author/owner of 7 on a Shoestring. She is a SAHM to 5 children {all boys but 4} living vicariously through the internet.  Staci writes product reviews, giveaways and everyday antics of family life as they manage their family of 7. They are living blessed on less. She can also be found on Twitter @7onashoestring.

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