Valentine’s Day Printables: Love Notes for Kids and Teenagers


Children, whether they are grown or not, like to be reminded of how much they mean to their parents. This Valentine's Day, why not construct a homemade Valentine's Day love letter. A handwritten note will be cherished above all other gifts, and can last a lot longer than a normal store bought present.

I love you card

Love Notes for Kids and Teenagers

Love Notes to Younger Children

We all know how easy it is for younger children to craft loving cards, pictures, and notes for people they love. I am sure we have all kept these little treasures over the years because they have been made with love and have a heart warming message on it.

How often do moms and dads stop in the middle of their busy day to take out a pen and write an "I love you, too" note? This Valentine's day, take a moment and tell your children how much you love them. Place a card on your child's pillow to be discovered later in the day. You could also place a love note in their lunch box before sending them out the door. When they open up their lunch and see that you took the time to send them a little love, it will immediately make their day.

Love Letters to Teenagers

When your child turns into a teenager, they might stop wanting you to kiss them in public or display your love in public. Nevertheless, they really need and want to know that they are loved and appreciated. Sometimes they need it even more than younger children. Share your note in private or with humor, so they won't be embarrassed. Your love notes will be appreciated even if it doesn't appear that way outwardly.

Valentine's Day Message of Love to Grown Children

Older children often get missed when it comes to Valentines. Imagine how much it would mean if you sent your grown children a fun note in the mail, expressing your appreciation and love for them. My mom still does this for all of her grown kids, and it is so fun to feel like a kid again and receive a special little something on Valentine's Day.


Click here to download the Lunch Box Notes.  

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What do you do for your children to show them you love them at Valentine's Day?

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