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10 Summer Fun Activities

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If I’m being honest, the last couple of summers at my house were not exactly box office hits for my oldest child. Two summers ago, my little girl was born, and last summer, I was plain and simply unprepared.  Fun was still had, but it happened amid disorganized chaos, at best!

This year, I've got my energy (or enough of it anyway!) and a strategy. Long story short? This mama's ready to rumble!

10 Summer Fun Activities

  • Create Summer Passports:  To kick things off, I’m taking Brassy Apple’s lead with these summer passports.  It’s basically a bucket list created by you and your kids!  In it go drawings (or just a list) of each activity you and your child have decided are "must do’s" for the summer!  I was thinking of also adding a photo to each passport activity once it's been completed!  A totally cute idea, if you ask me...and a great keepsake for when the summer's through!
  • Take the Summer Picture Challenge:  A perfect complement to your summer passports,  +Leilani Anderson and Emily, from Just a Touch of Crazy, have come up with a list of 50 picture-taking ideas and are presenting them in the form of a challenge.  A prize is involved too, so you’ll definitely want to check it out!



  • Play Pool Games:  Ahhh, there's nothing like a dip in the pool on a sweltering day.  Make it fun with these classic "go-to's": swim races, a splash contest, diving for treasure, Marco Polo….
  • Play the Underwater Wardrobe Game: From a pile of old clothes, each kid picks out a complete outfit (pants, shirt, and socks) and hands them over to the adult running the game.  While their backs are turned, the grown-up scatters the clothes all throughout the pool.  Object of the game is to find your clothes (once they sink), get dressed, then swim to the side and climb out.  Whoever is out first wins!  Got older kids?  Have them get dressed only when they are completely under water!  Switch up the rules as you need, but I guarantee this will be a win with your kids!
  • Paint for Fun:  Paint with your feet,  paint with your crayonspaint with your paintsicles while eating Popsicles, paint to your heart’s delight (and with the painting taking place outside, your heart will be mighty delighted, indeed)!
  • Hold a Nature Scavenger Hunt!
  • Cool Off With a Little Spongeball!


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It's true.  Rain will happen this summer! So, while your lawn and flowers are enjoying much needed refreshment, keep your kids busy with these fun ideas:

I can already tell this summer is going to be a blast!

What are your “must do’s” on your summer activity list?

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