10 Ways to Wear Jeans

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10 Ways to Wear Jeans

These are not your mom jeans...thank goodness! With fall in the air it is definitely time to break out those jeans and today I am here to help you style them!  From dressing them up to dressing them down today I am sharing 10 Ways to Wear Jeans!

 10 Ways to Wear Jeans

1.  Get Your Color On with Colored Skinny Jeans

And the hottest colors for this fall?  Oxblood and Emerald Green!  Don't be afraid to explore colors through your pants!  If it seems a little scary then let your pants be the focal point and go super simple on top.

 10 Ways to Wear Jeans

2.  Try a Lighter Wash

Don't even tell me that a lighter wash makes you look too big!  Fit is key when it comes to picking out a lighter colored jean!  Make sure you feel comfortable AND confident..even if that means trying on a few pairs!

  10 Ways to Wear Jeans

3.  Get Dressy with It

There may be some occasions when denim is not allowed...but there are not that many!  Want to feel dressed up?  Try a pair of darker jeans and I promise they will do the trick!

  10 Ways to Wear Jeans

4.  Stay Classy with a Classic Dark Denim

You always, always, always need dark denim in your closet.  They are just classic and look great with EVERYTHING!  Which bodes well when you cannot find anything to wear in your closet.  Dark denim is always your friend, even on hard to dress days!

  10 Ways to Wear Jeans

5.  Don't be Afraid of Distressed Denim

I am OBSESSED with distressed denim. I am always on the look out for a good pair.  Now one warning about distressed?  Watch out where the distressing is located on the jeans.  Big gaping holes up high on the thigh isn't my cup of tea.  A lot of companies that make distressed jeans make them with the higher holes patched..which is perfect!  You still get the distressed look but you are fully covered!

  10 Ways to Wear Jeans

6.  Try Them in White

Don't be afraid of white!  And don't be afraid of white in winter either.  Paired with a blazer or cozy sweater definitely leave your white jeans out this fall and winter.

  10 Ways to Wear Jean

7.  Give Them a Cuff

One of my favorite ways to wear my jeans..cuffed!  Especially when I am wearing flats.  And perfect for those fall days that are feeling a little warmer than usual.  Go ahead and play around with the size of your cuff too.  Sometimes a bigger cuff is definitely in order!

10 Ways to Wear Jeans

8. Break out the Double Denim

Just give it a try!  My one piece of advice if you are going to give it go is to do different shades of denim on top and on bottom.  Typically I go dark on bottom with a lighter denim on top!

10 Ways to Wear Jeans

9. Grab a Black Pair

You just have to.  Black jeans can be dressed up or dressed down and worn basically every day.  Just ask me because I totally try.  Too bad you have to wash them!

10 Ways to Wear Jeans

10.  Go Wild with a Print

Last but definitely not least-the printed jean.  Such a statement piece! Seriously, how can one go wrong?  Ok, maybe a few different ways but that is not the point!  Try something out of your comfort zone and you may just be surprised with the result!

So we want to know, what type of jeans is your favorite your favorite to wear?

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