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Kids Art—Most of you have probably seen the BYOB style or “Sips and Strokes” art classes for adults that are popping up all over. A lot of these art studios are only offering adult art classes at night where you bring a glass or bottle of champagne and, obviously, leave the babies at home for a girls night out. The classes are great for everyone because they are very basic and everyone takes home a great looking piece of art. Now you can host your own little painting party for the kids during the holidays at your family get togethers. I've made it easy so anyone can do it!

Little girl painting red on an art canvas

How to Throw an Art Party for Kids


  • 8x10 Canvases
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Paper plates
  • Tracing paper
  • Print out (provided at the bottom of this post)

Optional Items:

  • Plastic tablecloth
  • Aprons
  • Easels

Two little boys painting on art canvases


Having an art party is super easy and the kids love it. Just print out the images I have provided for you. Then trace them using the tracing paper onto the canvases and let the kids paint them. It’s just like a coloring book. I did a similar project on my site and provided a little more detailed instruction with pictures:

Art Parties Are A Great Holiday Treat for The Kids Art Parties Are A Great Holiday Treat for The Kids


Tips: You can also search the internet for “coloring pages for kids” and add anything that you would like to paint like “Christmas tree” or “Turkey.”

I actually picked up the flat board canvases that we used in a 3-pack for only $9 at Walmart, which is a pretty big savings over the traditional canvases.

As far as the paint goes, I recommend that you use the new soy paints, which will run you a few cents more than the acrylics but they have a low VOC rating, which is a healthier option for the kiddos. JoAnn’s craft stores and Amazon carry Delta brand soy Paints that are low VOC and  are Made in the USA for an added bonus!

The paper plates and plastic tablecloth make for an easy cleanup!

Only give the kids one color at a time so they don’t mix the colors as easy.

Have them paint the background color first and try not to overlap into the image.  Once the background color is dry have them put polka dots or swirls in that area to “liven up” the picture.

Little girl sitting next to her canvas with Santa painted on it

The best tip of all...Have Fun!!

Athena's DIY Home Free Printout for Art Parties - Santa with sign

Click me to see the FREE printouts

How do you encourage your children to create their own pieces of art?

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