Christmas Music: Madrigal Singers Help People Get Into the Holiday Spirit

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Nothing helps bring the Christmas spirit like festive Christmas music. Each year at Boise High School, the Madrigal and A Capella choirs create a renaissance-era dinner in the old Boise High gymnasium with beautiful music and delicious food.

It is always held during the first week of December when there is a chill in the air that helps create that nastalgic, old world feeling. It is a long standing tradition that dates back to the 1950s, as do some of the original costumes, elaborate decorations, and props.

Each singer is outfitted to look like he or she is part of a royal court, with a king, queen, prince, and princess along with gesters and wenches. The dinner guests receive turkey legs and finger foods. It is an opportunity for these amazing young people to come out of their shells, work hard, and sing their way into the hearts of everyone who attends! The qym has a nice echoing tone that is reminiscent of an old castle. You truly feel like you have been transported into the past!

These students are also singing to raise money for their Spring trip that the choir takes every year. This year, to advertise the event and get donations, the kids dressed in their costumes and went all over Boise talking to business owners and "sang for their supper," so to speak. They collected all sorts of items — from artwork to hotel stays, event tickets to a diamond! Finally, all the donations were laid out in festive baskets and displayed on side tables at the sold out Madrigal dinner. A silent auction was held during the evening. The response was incredible!

For some, this is a "must do" to start the holiday season. For others, it is a chance to come back to the school they love and relive the magic of Madrigal. The parents put in many, many hours of hard work, and most everything, including the food, is donated to create the evening. The school's musical director takes care of every detail and goes far beyond the call of duty. But it is all worth it...every minute.

To see your child feel immense pride in a job well done, and knowing that they are creating life-long bonds with fellow singers is worth every minute of making baskets, decorating, setting up, and everything involved in this great evening. And afterwards, we get to hear singing all over our house — in the bedroom, in the shower, in the kitchen, during homework, and on the way to school. It is awesome!

At this time of uncertainty in our school systems where great art programs are being taken away and events like this may have to disappear, it is important for us as voters and mothers and friends and citizens to keep the performing arts alive and going strong! These are the events that these young people will remember and take with them into their adult years.

The arts enhance education and make us better, more well rounded individuals who know how to work together and thrive. So, keep this in mind the next time the opportunity arises for you to support the kids in your area. Make it a new tradition and soak it all in! You will never regret it! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

What are your favorite holiday songs? What songs instantly get you in the holiday spirit?

Susan lives in Boise, Idaho, and is a self-taught artist and a jack of many artsy trades. She is married to professional artist and has two great teenagers. She has her hand in a lot of pots. She in very involved in her community and church. She loves friends, family, movies, eating out, laughing, and  vacationing to warm destinations! She just started her own blog: visit  [email protected]

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Susan lives in Boise, Idaho and is a self taught artist and a jack of many artsy trades. She is married to an artist and has two great teenagers. She has her hand in a lot of pots. She in very involved in her community and fundraising for her kids choirs. She loves friends, family, movies, pj's, laughing, and ART! She just started her own blog: visit [email protected]

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